A mix of so many different genres is what World5 is. And it takes a lot of talent to be able to do that well.
You know how fine wines have hints of this and that and that? This is the music version of that. There’s Rock n Roll and some adult contemporary, some pop, its a little bit bluesy and even a lil bit of country, normally country isn’t my thing but, all together, it works!

They’re unique and it works!

When a band has good chemistry, you can tell. And the five guys who make the music started off as friends, and you can tell.

These guys all started off as professional musicians, and because of life and work, they were kept apart, scattered across the globe, but they didn’t let their music take the short stick. They kept the passion and the work ethic alive. Amazingly, the original  5 members of the band managed to record their first album, “Global Experience”, whilst living across three different continents.

2012 brought a change in the line up. The founding five are Raimund Breitfeld, Steffen Goeres, Don Bruner, Stephan Goessl and Roland Childs. However, Don and Roland left and two of the producers from the first album, Pat Hunt and Randy Miller replaced them. And that worked for a while.

But in 2013, Stephan Goessl, the saxophonist left, and the five piece band needed a new members. This is when the band got another guitarist, Joe Gavito. And with a line up of five awesome and experienced musicians, the band kept going.

With Pat Hunt on vocals and keyboards, Randy Miller on bass and vocals, Steffen Goeres on lead and acoustic guitars, the trumpet and flagella horn, Joe Gavito on electric guitars and vocals and Raimund Breitfeld on drums and percussion, the band has cracked a formula on what is unique enough to work, and still be rad.

If you like Adult Contemporary, Pop, Country or Rock’n’Roll… definitely check em out!