There is nothing better than live music. As someone who goes to a shocking amount of concerts, I can tell you, the headlining band is almost always worth the money it takes to see them. And more often than not, there will be an opening band! It’s like a bonus concert!! (c’mon, why wouldn’t you show up for a bonus concert?). I have found some of my favourite small bands through opening acts, and I get that showing up an hour later might be easier- time-wise, but also the music is so worth it.


Obviously your favourite musician knows a thing or two about music and related genres. For example; Black Sabbath, the greatest metal band of all time. They’ve said that one of their greatest influences is the Beatles… The Beatles were influenced by the Blues genre. During the End tour, the boys brought on board the Rival Sons, a blues-rock band out of California and they are fucking incredible. Who are now playing with the Rolling Stones on their European tour… There’s also¬†The Who, who’ve been around the block a time or two, who had support from the Slydigs, a younger band who puts out music of the same caliber as the headliners.

People are worried that Rock N’ Roll is dead and dying… which is absolutely untrue. It ¬†just doesn’t have the same worldwide sway that that it did in the 60’s all the way through to the 90’s. These legends are giving a platform to the younger bands and until people start giving a shit, and going to the shows a bit early and supporting new rock bands, the genre we all love so much isn’t going to come back in full force.

So, again, support your local bands, go see them play and go buy their albums. And to quote Neil Young, “Hey hey, my my, Rock N’ Roll will never die.”