This is going to be another ‘Jumbled Thoughts’ article, normally those are about Kurt Cobain and my respect for him or why I’m upset about the corportization of his life but not this time… This time it’s a jumbled thoughts style essay about musicians and politics.

I think it’s immensely important when people of influence use their voices to speak up about issues that matter. I love it when musicians get political! So, why do I have an aversion to Ted Nugent you may ask? Incredibly talented musician, political AF, and yet I don’t like him. Where as John Lennon was also an incredibly talented musician and political AF and I love him, whats the difference? Well, their politics obviously, but thats not just why.
John Lennon’s politics where about peace and love. “All we are saying, is give peace a chance”, “Imagine all the people living life in peace” He spread an inclusive, loving message.
Ted Nugent is dead opposite of that.
Sure he has talent, but what good is it when he uses his podium for hateful messages. He sings, “Don’t ya think I’m taxed enuff? maybe it’s time to call your bluff, pimps & whores & welfare brats, too much government way too fat”
C’mon Ted.
also don’t forget how he liked to call President Obama and “Sub-human Mongrel”and in a 1994 interview with Denver, CO music magazine Westword, he called Hillary Clinton (Who was the First-Lady of the United States), a “Toxic c**t”.

I LOVE it when musicians are political but dammit Ted, there a better way to go about it. Please get involved! Speak up! Defend your stance! But do it in a way that isn’t unnecessarily aggressive and hate fuelled. Tell people to imagine peace! Don’t tell them that if they don’t imagine peace they can go fuck themselves.

Get political, don’t be rude about it.