That’s right kids, AC/DC stands for something. It isn’t just some letters smushed together for the sake of a band name. While there are many different, though kind of far fetched theories as to what the name stands for, one prevails…

AC/DC stands for Alternating Current/ Direct Current, but the reason behind it is so much better. Though it is disputed where Malcolm and Angus Young originally saw it, it is widely thought that it was on the back of either their mother’s or their sisters sewing machine. ISN’T THAT GREAT?! The name for one of the biggest rock bands ever came from the back of a sewing machine.

Some of the other theories came from around the same time when rock’n’roll was the devils music and if you played records backwards you could hear the devil. Some of those theories are: Anti-Christ/Devils Child, After Christ Devil Comes and Alameda County Death Cult. But the sewing machine theory is delightful and WAY more plausible.

Here’s some Alternating Current/Direct Current with the original frontman, Bon Scott for ya!