There are some songs that excite you. Some songs that make you want to get up and live and dance and be happy and rock out. For me, “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead is a safe bet to get that reaction. But when I heard the Slydigs’ new single, “How Animal Are You?” I got the exact same feeling.

The Slydigs are the living embodiment of the rebuttal to the “Rock is dead” argument. They prove its still alive and thriving. They earned their keep while supporting The Who during “The Who Hits 50” tour, and now they’re only getting better.

When I first heard them, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that they’re not 70 year old rock stars; they’re just making that caliber of kickass music. The Slydigs take everything thats good about rock’n’roll, and give it a revamped, modern twist. And obviously, they do that really well.

As soon as I saw the EP cover for “How Animal Are You?” I instantly got a John Lennon meets badass vibe. And as soon as I heard the single, I got a badass meets badass vibe. But the EP has so many different levels to it.

It starts with “How Animal Are You?”, and if you haven’t heard it yet, get excited…

Throughout the EP you can hear the band playing with and pushing genres. Through the songs, they stray a bit from their classic sound and take risks with different song structures and sounds, and it works. From classic rock, to classic Slydigs, to some new sounds, to some pretty beautiful songs; the Slydigs’ upcoming EP is brilliant.


Oh!! And the Slydigs are going on tour throughout Europe and the U.K. :

And I’d definitely get tickets while you can! Then one day you can tell your kids “I saw them before they were huge!” and you kids can get all jealous, etc. Hell, even “The Who” agree!

“For anyone who’s seen our fantastic support band Slydigs, they’ll understand why they have their own headline shows coming up” – The Who

(They’re pretty electric live)…

But since you guys *probably* don’t get to hear the EP early in order to review it, you have to wait until May 7th, 2017 to get to hear it, but the single comes out April 7th, so… wait patiently I guess? If you want to hear it sooner idk, maybe start a music website so you can review stuff before it comes out? Befriend the band? Up to you guys, I’d go with trying to wait patiently  😉 …

IN CONCLUSION: It is brilliant! Buy the EP, buy tickets to their shows, etc. But most importantly, watch out for ’em cause they’re fantastic and they’re going to be huge!


L-R: Louis Menguy, Ben Breslin, Peter Fleming, Dean Fairhurst