It needs to fucking stop. He was a person. A human being. And his legacy is being turned into a shit show of corporatization.

But to be fair, since Nirvana began the corporatization of the band and the genre had always been there. Lurking… Leeching off the hard work of others. But what pissed me off enough to write this is that the other day I was looking at jeans, and found a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, they looked like something you’d see at an underground rock show- but they were a couple hundred dollars, and were called “Cobain”. That pissed me off. Like… come on.  Kurt Cobains impact was beyond belief, but if his legacy is going to be reduced to a pair of jeans that look ‘kinda grungey’ … ugh, fuuuuck.

Seriously? Seriously. Some people may long to have a pair of jeans named after them, but I’d imagine that they would also like to be involved in the creation of the product. Here’s a quick reminder, in case you forgot, Nirvana never went mainstream, mainstream went Nirvana, also; Kurt Cobain is dead, so his approval or collaboration might be a little hard to get.

Maybe I am overreacting. This is not the first time his legacy or art will be used like this, and it’s certainly not going to be the last. And maybe my anger is just coming from the same place as my want to only buy band merchandise from the bands website. I mean, I like to know that I’m supporting the band I love so much and not Urban Outfitters with the decorative shirts for the people who’ve never heard the music.

But why do these corporations think it is okay to keep doing this? Why don’t more people go “Fuck off with this shit”?  Why is it okay to turn these rad people and their art into a tacky tee shirt or an overpriced pair of jeans? Why is there no decency within these corporations? … Honestly, I don’t know if Kurt Cobain would even give a shit… but I do.

I just want these amazing people, like Kurt Cobain, to stop being turned into a pawn in the game of corporate marketing. They treat him like an object for their profit. They would probably put his ashes in some ‘trendy’  piece of jewelry if they would make a buck. For fucks sake, even his suicide note was turned into a shirt. If that isn’t some morbid corporate greed, I don’t know what is. No, wait, thats more than greed, thats some fucked up shit. And hey, maybe this doesn’t seem like the most pressing issue right now, it’s not, but this trend of seeing people as objects, or easy paycheques is dehumanizing. It suuuucks and it needs to stop.

So support your artists, not by buying an over-produced rip off of their art, but by supporting them directly.

There is no substitute for authenticity, that’s proven by the bands whose authenticity is substituted for cheap knock-offs…

ok, I think thats all folks… peace!