Oh, Man! There was a lot of cool things about Desert Trip. I mean did you see the line up? Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul McCartney, The Who and Roger Waters. This festival was even more exciting than Gene Simmons retweeting me!

Oh by the way, Gene Simmons retweeted me and it was really cool!

THE Gene Simmons retweeting me!
Gene Simmons twitter page after he retweeted me!!!

But without further adieu; heres some of the coolest, most interesting, funnest things about Desert Trip.

1. It was worth the ridiculous ticket price!

2. Bob Dylan dosen’t like it when you film his face too much during the first weekend, and he then retaliates by only letting himself be filmed from the back and top of the head.

Bob Dylan at Desert Trip

3. The Stones still got it!

4. Seriously, the Stones are in their 70’s and still got it!

5. Every act had so much fun on stage!

6. Neil Young really hates the California seed law.

7. Bands are a lot higher energy and happier when its the last show of a tour! (especially a two year tour!)

8. Keith Richards was almost as hard to understand as Bob Dylan.

9. Not everyone thinks its funny when you yell your own name when The Who sings “Who Are You”

The Who preforming at Desert Trip
The Who preforming at Desert Trip

10. Not everyone cried as much as I did… Are they the weird ones or am I?

11. All the fancy food they advertised was an extra $175 per person for a ticket.

12. Neil Young still really hates the California seed law.

13. Monsanto is universally hated.

14. There was some really cool people there!

15. Except for that one asshole who told me that being excited for McCartney was like being excited for Nickelback. Excuse me Sir? I think the fuck not. Show Sir Paul McCartney some respect.

16. Roger Waters really hates Trump.

Roger Waters’s Anti-Trump pig balloon

17. The only wall most people were concerned with was Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

18. The Photography Experience was great!

19. The bang is $till worth the buck.

20. Neil Young can fucking shred it!

21. Paul brought Neil on stage and after playing a couple songs they cut to a shot on Neil’s guitar and he had broken all of the strings.

22. Neil Young was the biggest surprise of the weekend.

Neil Young at Desert Trip
Neil Young at Desert Trip

23. “Can some one please turn that wind machine down” -Roger Daltry (before starting their set on a particularly windy night)

24. I met the coolest hippie named Jerry! What a guy! (check out Peacemonger.org)

25. Jerry gave out a bunch of stickers!

26. Rock n’ Roll will never die!

27. Keith Richards will also never die!

The Who! performing at Desert Trip/ Pete Townshend being awesome

28. “I’ve never played an intimate, acoustic set for 85,000 people before” -Neil Young

29. Bob Dylan preformed “Like A Rolling Stone” for the first time IN YEARS!!

30. He played “Like A Rolling Stone” one song before The Stones came out!

31. Hey Bob, you played an awesome set, didn’t yoouuuuu… Get it? lol.

32. Pete Townshend’s helicopter-arm-weilding guitar trick will never get old.

33. Pete some how cut his face and blood dripped down his face for most of the show AND HE NEVER EXPLAINED IT!

Pete Townshend at Desert Trip
Pete Townshend at Desert Trip

34. I like outdoor concerts the most.

35. But I am also a sucker for fire works.

36. The guy who yelled, “WE’RE WATCHING A BEATLE” during McCartney’s set was really cool.

37. The guy who yelled, “WE’RE WATCHING PAUL McCARTNEY FROM PAUL McCARTNEY AND THE WINGS” was also really cool.


The Rolling Stones at Desert Trip

38. “Welcome to the Catch em’ before they Croak festival” – Mick Jagger

39. Paul brought out “The empress of Barbados, RIHANNA”

40. Neil still really hates the seed law.

41. Roger Waters still really hates Trump.

42. According to Neil Young, Paul McCartney is “the Charlie Chaplin of Rock n Roll”

43. Paul McCartneys imitation of the Chaplin walk is hilarious and adorable.

44. Paul likes to thank the audience a lot.

45. I like to yell, “You’re welcome!” every time Paul thanks the audience.

Paul McCartney at Desert Trip

46. Not everyone thinks its funny when I yell, “You’re welcome!” after Paul thanks the audience

47. Choose the symbol that fits best. >, =, < : Neil’s hatred of the California seed law. __=__ Roger’s hatred of Trump.

48. Paul’s dark haired guitarist, Rusty Anderson looks like both Christian Bale and Phil Dunphy from “Modern Family” aged a little bit.

Sir Paul McCartney and Rusty Anderson
Sir Paul McCartney and Rusty Anderson


49. Paul’s drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. has enough personality to fill a stadium


50. There was a full moon during Neil’s performance of Harvest Moon.

51. Now all concerts/festivals are going to fail in comparison after Desert Trip.


53. The Who play a long instrumental bit featuring tragedies from the last 40 year, from Keith Moon’s death and  John Lennon’s murder to Tiananmen Square and 9/11. Its consistently emotionally devastating.

54. Willie Nelsons sons, Lucas and Micah are part of Neil Young’s “Promise of the Real” and are amazing.

55. Neil Young is kinda unpredictable when it comes to his setlist, so The Promise Of The Real are on the frickin’ ball!

56. Best Props: 6. Roger Daltreys tambourines. 5. Roger waters smoke stacks 4. Neils flying keyboard  3. Neil’s giant basket of baggies of seeds.  2. Neil’s giant set list. 1. Roger Waters Anti-Trump pig.

Neil's giant setlist
Neil’s giant setlist

57. Favourite thing I overheard, “it should of been better advertised that this was in the desert”

58. Favourite thing someone said to me:

Me (jokingly): “1, 2, 3, 4 I declare a thumb war!”

Him: “Actually I don”t believe in war, how about a thumb peace”

59. All the British guys look so British.

60. The full moon during Neil’s “Harvest Moon” was still so cool and gorgeous.

61. I bet off stage, Bob Dylan is super talkative.

62. The merchandise tents was the only bad things about Desert Trip. In the main tent, the line took over an hour to get through like, 15 people and the smaller ones, the variety and availablity was next to nothing.

Roger Waters preforming at Desert Trip
Roger Waters preforming at Desert Trip

63. Roger Waters is super rad.

64. According to Neil Young, since they “started five minutes early, we can do what the fuck they want!”

65. Neil was talking about how he wrote “Long May you Run” for his first car but decided, “It could be for you guys too”

66. “This song is meant to be played by a snotty little fucker, but I don’t remember what thats like, so I’ll do my best” -Pete Townshend

67. The Stones debuet a song off their new album, “Blue & Lonesome” (Released December 2, 2016) The song is “Just Your Fool”


68. I don’t think any of these guys will ever die!

69. Its a couple weeks later and Im still in awe that I had the opportunity to go and see these absolute legends who’ve had careers longer then I have been alive!

70. Long live rock n roll! And long live these frickin’ rockstars!