Bon Scott was the original Brian Johnson. He joined the band that your cool uncle probably likes, AC/DC in 1974 and blew the fucking roof off until 1980. February 19th, 1980 to be specific because that’s when he died, and that’s where the waters get muddy. Nobody can seem to agree on how he died. From Ozzy Osbourne saying it was hypothermia, to the coroner saying it was acute alcohol poisoning… The inconsistencies in the investigation have made many different conspiracies arise. The details of his death are all over the place, and you know what they say… The dirt is in the details.

Scott allegedly spent his last night passed out in an acquaintances car after a night of heavy drinking. This dudes name was Alistair Kinnear (supposedly, it was spelt wrong in some of the official documents) anyway the story goes like this…

After a night of heavy drinking and partying Scott got Alistair Kinnear (who was at the club with him) to drive him home and on the way back to his flat, Scott passed out in the car… That or… Scott almost passed out at the club and Kinnear volunteered to drive him home to his apartment in East Dulwich, South London.

The story’s already confusing and we’re just getting started.

Ok, so, once they got back to Scotts place, Kinnear claimed that he couldn’t move Scotts drunk, sleeping body so after trying to get a hold of Scotts live-in girlfriend and then taking his keys and checking if anyone was home (no one was) Kinnear eventually got a hold of one of Scotts ex-girlfriends, Silver Smith. She told him that Bon passed out quite a bit and it was best to just let him sleep it off, so then Kinnear drove back to his own house. Since he still couldn’t move Bons body, he left him in the car with a blanket and a note with his address and phone number on it.

And then it gets complicated again…

Kinnear said around 11am the next morning he was awakened by a friend named Leslie Loads. A hung over Alistair asked said friend to go check on Bon in the car and when Leslie returned he told Kinnear that the car was empty. When Alistair left his flat later that day, (its unclear wither or not it was in the afternoon or evening) he found the lifeless rocker still in his car and not breathing. It’s a bit foggy wither or not Kinnear called an ambulance or drove him to the hospital himself but it doesn’t really matter because Bon Scott was pronounced dead upon arrival.

No one can agree on how Bon died. He had allegedly been receiving treatments for liver damage (but missed several appointments). Its speculated that instead of alcohol poisoning, Bon overdosed on heroin and/or choked to death on his own vomit. Even Ozzy Osbourne weighed in on this subject saying that because Bon was asthmatic and on the night he died temperatures were as low as -3 C he actually died from hypothermia.

However people think that he was dot, dot, dot murdered.


During the autopsy he was never tested for Carbon Monoxide poisoning and people think that fumes from the car were redirected into the car to kill him. Some people were uh… suspicious… about wither or not Scott was taken out of the… uh… equation so that AC/DC could replace him with a more traditional rock singer to move more records and fill more stadiums. It was thought that Scott was too intense, too obscene, too much of a fucking rock star to lead AC/DC to the massive worldwide success that it accomplished with Johnson on vocals. But Bon is dead, and it may have been alcohol poisoning, death my misadventure, drugs, hypothermia or murder and in the end let’s just remember him for his awesome fucking music.