Mick Jagger has the voice of an angel, and he’s 73 so judging by the “With age comes wisdom” rule Mick Jagger must also be super wise. Also he’s Mick freaking Jagger, he’s rad! and he has some pretty rad quotes as well.
Heres my favourites!


“I don’t think enjoying life is an exclusive prerogative of young people.”

“Lose your dreams and you might lose your mind.”

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”

“It’s all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back.”

Mick Jagger, ya dig?
Mick Jagger, ya dig?

“The elusive nature of love… it can be such a fleeting thing. You see it there and it’s just fluttering and it’s gone.”

“Everyone knows what their roots are, but you’ve got to explore everywhere. You’ve got to explore the sky too.”

“I’d rather be dead than singing ‘Satisfaction’ when I’m forty-five.”

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, probably singing 'Satisfaction'
Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, probably singing ‘Satisfaction’.

“You don’t think it’s sometimes wise not to grow up.”

“A good thing never ends.”

“You can’t be jealous and be a leader.”

“The past is a great place and I don’t want to erase it or to regret it, but I don’t want to be it’s prisoner either.”

“Normally I’m not so violent. Everything comes from the question: Where will I die? It is a strong concern.”


“Don’t take life so seriously and always remember: it is just a passing fad.”

“Only a madman or an actor would want to be President of the United States.”

“When you write songs, you have to like them yourself first, but then you have to make everyone else like them, because you can force them to play it, but you can’t force them to like it.”

“Of course were doing it for the money. We’ve always done it for the money.”

Young Mick Jagger
Young Mick Jagger

“My father was furious with me, absolutely furious. I’m sure he wouldn’t have been so mad if I’d volunteer to join the army. Anything but this. He couldn’t believe it. I agree with him. It wasn’t a very viable career opportunity.”

“Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope.”

“People are so brain washed by the rules that they don’t know what really matters.”

Young Mick Jagger enjoying life

“I think it’s very important that you have at least some sort of inner thing you don’t talk about. That’s why I find it distasteful when all these pop stars talk about their habits.”

“You have to sing everyday so you can build up to being, you know, Amazingly Brilliant.”

Older Mick Jagger still enjoying life
Older Mick Jagger still enjoying life

“One song isn’t going to change things, but I suppose it’s the accumulation of music generally [that is]. If you can imagine a world that has no music in it, it would be a very different world, so music does change the world by virtue of all the music in it. Cumulative music of every kind, from banging a drum to playing a flute or recording symphonies, or singing ‘War what is it good for?” All those things change the way we live.”


“Any performer is one person privately and another person when he’s on stage.”

“As long as my face is on page one, I don’t care what they say about me on page seventeen.”

“I always think it’s better to be not taking drugs or drinking anything. Thats not saying I’ve never done it because I have. But I sort of learned I think after a while there has been – it didn’t take me long to realize that it wasn’t a good thing.”

“I don’t like drugs. I think cocaine is a very bad, habit-forming bore. It’s about the most boring drug ever invented.”


“The only performance that makes it, makes it all the way is the one that achieves madness.”

“The grown-up world was a very order society in the 60’s, and I was coming out of it. America was even more ordered than anywhere else. I found it was a very restrictive society in though and behaviour and dress.”


“I must be careful not to get trapped in the past. That why I tend to forget my songs.”

“I didn’t have any inhibitions. I saw Elvis and Gene Vincent, and I thought. ‘Well, I can do this.” And liked doing it.”

“I came into music just because I wanted the bread. It’s true. I looked around and this seemed like the only way I was going to get the bread I wanted.”


“Music should elevate you. You can be raised or left stranded. You can’t be raised all the time, in my experience. This may be a rare moment. You might just go up to that level but that’s always good.”

“It’s only Rock and Roll”

“I remember when I was very young, I read an article by Fats Domino which has really influenced me. He said, ‘You should never sing the lyrics out very clearly.'”


“I see songwriters as having to do with experience, and the more you’ve experienced the better it is. But it has to be tempered, and you just must let your imagination run.”

“I’ve got nasty habits; I take tea at three.”

“People have this obsession. They want you to be like you were in 1969. They want you to, because otherwise their use goes with you. It’s very selfish, but it’s understandable.”

“It’s a real buzz, even in front of 20 people, to make a complete fool of yourself. But people seemed to like it. And the thing is, if people started throwing tomatoes at me, I wouldn’t have gone on with it.”

David Bowie and Mick Jagger! Is there anyone cooler than a British rockstar?
David Bowie and Mick Jagger! Is there anyone cooler than a British rockstar?

“Thank you for leaving us alone but giving us enough attention to boost our egos.”

“My secrets must be poetic to be believable.”

“No one, but no one, is equal, or will ever be. Elvis was and is supreme.”

“For some people it’s real therapy to talk to journalists about their private lives and inner thoughts. But I would rather keep somethings to myself.”

Could anyone but Jagger pull off this look?
Could anyone but Jagger pull off this look? Take note, because thats how you wear a crop top.

“Casanova, he had no money and no power and according to some was even cute. But he had talent to live, and some literature talent. I love how he invented himself.”

“I never study business in school. I kind of wish I had, but how boring is that?”

“It’s like everyone I have dinner with, I’m having an affair with. Who was it I met the other day? Minnie Driver! She seems charming, but thats the only time I’ve ever met her.”

“I enjoy doing different kinds of things. I just enjoy being not tied too much. I feel that I am tied to myself as a kind of traditional musician and a singer, and the history that I have ties me down.”

Lets hope for another 73 years of Jagger ;)
Lets hope for another 73 years of Jagger!