Thank God for rock music! Ladies and Gentlemen, rock n roll will never die. With, the Slydigs and now Maker, the rock n roll resurgence is unstoppable!!

Maker has badass sound that goes beyond classic rock. They have all the extra elements that go along with good rock music (guys, rock is more than just guitars on guitars!)

You know how some bands have a distinct sound, wether they are a bit bluesy, or have some psychedelic aspects, they have something that separates them from the rest? Maker has that in spades. They are a four piece rock band (Alessandro Marinelli (Vocals), Andrew Donaldson (Guitar), Gavin Donaldson (Drums) & John Austin (Bass) ) that have aspects reminiscent of iconic groups like The Who (just the tiniest bit), The Rolling Stones, a bit of Motorhead and Foghat while keeping it fresh and unique.


Makers latest EP, ‘Move Your Feet’ is  five songs and it is pretty addictive. From intense guitar riffs and mesmerizing drums, to soulful singing that would make Mick Jagger jealous (well maybe not jealous cause, he’s Mick Jagger)  that would intrigue even the most badass musicians… Move Your Feet has some unique sounds and song structures that work really, really well. Maker takes some risks and they pay off big time!

If the blues and psychedelic scene and punk rock and “Changes” era Black Sabbath came together, Maker would be the result.

Move Your Feet is:

  1. Move Your Feet
  2. Dead Ends & Avenues
  3. Happening
  4. Quick Getaway
  5. Get Me Through

And I would recommend it 100%. They’re new, they’re fresh and electric! Here’s to the younger bands once again proving rock n roll will never die!!