I showed Maker some love before when I reviewed their EP “Move Your Feet”. Their upcoming EP, “Girl Quit Your Crying” proves again that that love is justified because, guys, they are incredible. Song after song they prove that they’ve got what it takes.

The title track stands out with this amazing combination of the vocals with the guitars and the drums, and I know that sounds vague but holy shit, you just have to listen to it! It’s soulful and bluesy rock n roll. If you heard their first EP, you know they’re good, but you can already see these guys (Alessandro Marinelli (Vocals), Andrew Donaldson (Guitar), Gavin Donaldson (Drums) & John Austin (Bass) ) building on that solid song writing base.

Just like “Move Your Feet” these songs fill you with energy, and just like any good music, it is addicting. “Girl Quit Your Crying” is reminiscent of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles in some parts. The Who in others and a little bit punk all over. They gives you vibes of all these great bands while keeping everything fresh and unique.

“Girl Quit Your Crying” is brilliant. Check it out.