Here’s to Nix Dadry and his incredible band – Junk Antique!

And once more, 21st century bands prove that the rock resurgence is unstoppable. I am so excited about this band!

Their debut album, Magic Water has elements reminiscent of Metallica, Guns N Roses, a bit of Lenny Kravitz and almost some Offspring vibes, but is put together in such away that it has all the good stuff, but keeps it unique and fresh.

Magic Water is brilliant throughout, it is bold and fresh and exciting and their single, Black Cocaine sets the stage for the album, if you haven’t heard it yet… get ready…


You know that feeling you got when the song started to play? Only good music can do that, and Junk Antique is really good. There is no doubt in my mind that they will be huge.

Each song on the album is unique, fresh, and reminds you of a handful of great bands throughout rock history while still being its own thing. The album is brilliant. The band has really found it’s niche and if they keep up this bluesy, rock n roll, grunge vibe, they will go far.

The album is Magic Water:

  1. Black Cocaine
  2. Junk Antique
  3. Little Naked Tree
  4. Low Lit
  5. Rats N’ Frogs
  6. Push the Domino
  7. A Girl
  8. God Man
  9. Be Somewhere Else
  10. Magic Water

The album is electric and very addictive! Listen to it, follow the band, support them and watch out for them!