Kurt Cobain is so fucking important. I don’t care who you are or what type of music you like- Kurt Cobain is important. Nirvana was such an influential band- such an inspiration to modern rock, whether or not you, or even the people who wrote the song notice it, Nirvana helped inspire it. I don’t really have a plan for this article but I really want to talk about how awesome Kurt Cobain was.

Kurt was one of the most amazing song writers ever. His lyrics were so real- so raw- so unpolluted by Nirvanas rising fame and growing influence. He wrote for himself and not to pander to the dumb teenagers who wore the band merchandise because it looked cool.

In his private journals that were released after his death on April 5, 1994, it shows that Kurt had said that his lyrics are a big pile of contradictions, he said “they’re split down the middle between very sincere opinions and feelings that I have and sarcastic and hopeful- humorous rebuttals towards cliche- bohemian ideals that have been exhausted for years.” You can see these contradictions in every single song he wrote, like “Come As You Are” the lyrics go “Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be” and again in “Come As You Are” in the lyrics “Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don’t be late”.

Not only are his lyrics clever- they’re so real. The song “Rape Me” which is widely known to be kind of an anti-rape anthem which IS apparent in the lyrics – is also thought to be about how the media really misappropriates peoples words and messages- they violate everything people stand for. On the same note of  “Rape Me” being about the media violation, its also thought that after Kurt’s struggles with drug addiction became public, along with other aspects of his personal life, he released the song as a kind of anti-media song because he didn’t consent to all the aspects of his personal life being public knowledge. However, in the end Kurt said the the song really was just anti-rape. He even told Spin “It’s like she’s saying, ‘Rape me, go ahead, rape me, beat me. You’ll never kill me. I’ll survive this and I’m gonna fucking rape you one of these days and you won’t even know it.”

Kurt was such a genius, his brain worked in such an amazing way. Every other songwriter will probably try to emulate him until the end of time. I don’t know, I’m really sad that the world lost Kurt Cobain, even if it was 22 years ago. Rock In Peace, Kurt.