Alternatively titled: How to not act like an ass at a concert.

Oh, before I get started I should mention that this list is specific to rock and metal concerts… country concerts I just assume you drink beer and talk about trucks and stuff, idk.

I go to a lot of concerts, no surprise there… and I’ve realized that some people just can’t seem to pick up on social cues, like how to not ruin the show for everyone around you…
So, I’ve made a cheatsheet for you guys…

  • DON’T be on your phone the whole time.

Seriously. Sure take some pictures! Sure take some videos! But you do not need to text, snapchat, Instagram and update your Facebook status the entire time… I’m talking to you, guy I sat near the last time I saw Guns N Roses live who was scrolling through Facebook the whole time.

  • PDA is a no-go.

Use your judgement with this one but generally a pretty good indicator that you should roll the public displays of affection back is if the people around you are getting physically uncomfortable.

  •  DON’T jump out of the lower bowl and on to the floor.

This one is for your own good! People sitting in the lower bowl (the seats in red) at a stadium or an arena show will try to jump over the fence and onto the floor… but this doesn’t end well guys! The drop in normally like 10 ft. and then you have to ditch security. I have seen lots of people try this and only one has gotten away with it. The rest of them have gotten thrown out!

  •  BE MINDFUL of which band shirt you are wearing.

If you’re going to wear a band shirt, its recommended that you wear a shirt featuring the band you are seeing… if you don’t have a band tee of said band, one from a related genre will do. For example, wearing a Rolling Stones shirt to a Paul McCartney concert is probably fine. BUT if the band you’re seeing has had a feud with another band in the past DONT wear that shirt. For example, and pay attention guy I saw doing this, DONT wear a Nirvana shirt to a Guns N’ Roses show. They had a bitter feud for years, don’t. wear. that. shirt… it is disrespectful.

  • DON’T have conversations mid-song

Look, I’m not saying be quiet the entire time, and talking about the music and show you are seeing is of course fine! However, scream/yelling an unrelated conversation to the person sitting next to you is annoying.

  • DON’T blow smoke into the faces of everyone around you.

THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE! If you MUST smoke, at least be discreet and don’t be super obnoxious about it!

  • BE KIND to the people around you.
(I spy Dave Grohl)

If the people around you are singing along and having a good time, as long as they’re not being obnoxious about it, let them be! No point in starting a fight when you are all just there to see your favourite musicians play!


Its a concert! You’re supposed to be having fun! Just be mindful and don’t be an ass!