I will admit, I am a little bias when it comes to the Foo Fighters. They’re rad. And Taylor Hawkins, the Foo’s drummer, is prepping his first debut LP, called “KOTA” (which will be released Nov. 11), so obviously I’m super excited!

He released the first song off his upcoming LP a couple days ago, called “Range Rover Bitch” and if this song is any testament to how the 6 track mini-LP is gonna be, I can’t f**king wait!!!

The album features Hawkins playing almost every instrument. It’s inspired by, and features many other rockstars, although no names have been released yet…

“Range Rover Bitch” feature dynamic riffs and vocals, it samples punk, metal, and other awesome parts of different rock genres. You can actually hear all the work he put in to this. It’s unique, awesome, and gives me hope about modern rock music… But I’ve already admitted that I’m bias.

And holy shit! That totally Dio inspired note he hits at the end… yeah, I’m excited!

You can pre-order it at Hawkin’s website now! http://www.taylorhawkins.com

Get excited guys!! And let us know what you think!